27 April 2014

Minnie Tips Monday ~ Find Some Disney Dollars

WELCOME to Another Minnie Tips Monday! Where the Minnie Means Mini & The Tips are short But they Last a long Time (:)

Today's Tip is some thing I discover by accident about Disney Dollars. You can buy them at Downtown Disney in the World of Disney Store. Located in the jewelry section at the very back where there's a customer service desk, not only can you get all your Disney Shopping questions answered - it's the place to buy your Disney Dollars - $1's and $5's. They can be used anywhere on Disney property, even the Disney Cruise to buy things or as a great souvenirs.

Thanks for coming by and Have a Magical Day.

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  1. Great tip - we used to buy these all the time when they had them at the Disney Stores. Our son loved them, I will definitely stop by here next trip to pick some up.

  2. You can also purchase them at the concierge desks in the Disney Resort hotels :)

  3. Great tip! I like to buy them as souvenirs and put them in our scrapbooks. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So glad these are making a comeback- they make great gifts!!

  5. Thanks for the reminder! I need to pick some up next trip.

  6. This really brings back memories! I wish you could still get them at the Disney Store so that my boys could have some before our next trip.