21 April 2014

Minnie Tips Monday - Get Pixie Dusted at Harmony Barber Shop

 Welcome to Minnie Tips Monday! 
Where Minnie means Mini. The tips are short but, memories are long.

Today 's Tip I am sharing is about not missing out on a very Fun experience at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World. After entering the Magic Kingdom go and get some Pixie Dust, that right for $5 have it sprinkled on your head and feel Magical all day.  This is also the place to get your baby's 1st Haircut with Mickey Ears included. Also any age is welcome here to get that special Disney Haircut.

Harmony Barber Shop is located between the Emporium on the right and MK Firehouse is on the left. You can also make an Appt for a cut at 407-939-7529. 

Thanks for Coming by and Make Some Memories.


  1. I had my haircut done at the Harmony Barbershop and loved it. On my next trip (rock your #disneyside party) I am going to get pixie dusted. I forgot to get it done last week. I am super excited!

  2. Great tip! When I have kids, I would love to take them there someday! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Thanks Kimberly - it such a fun experience ;-)

  4. Thank you - It is so fun to get that Pixie Dust ;-)