30 May 2014

Maleficent - The Movie and Here's My #Review

All I can say is I loved it. It was a short movie only about 90 minutes and it's nothing like the Disney Fairytale you know as Sleeping Beauty.  The characters names are the same but, they are portrayed a little differently.  Aurora is beautiful, playful and sweet. This Maleficent is not the one you know from the fairytale, yes she casts the evil spell but, I didn't dislike her. In this movie she is powerful, big and you get to see her as a child. This is her back story from when she started out and where she came from, it's not to far from where Aurora is from.

As the movie progressed, I loved how Aurora and Maleficent became so close from something evil and vengeful. The story maybe a little scary for young children but, nothing that is too far from the cartoon. Maleficent is tall, wears black and has horns, but she has a funny sarcasm to her character that even thought she is bent on revenge - she becomes likable and tries to do the right thing and save Aurora. I don't want to give to much away, so you'll have to see the movie to find out the rest. I would definitely see it again and my kids absolutely loved it too.

Angelina's Daughter pictured here with her as Aurora age 5 

Disclosure: I was invited to see this movie for free by Walt Disney Pictures, my opinions/review are my own and are never influenced by anyone.

Will you go see Maleficent?

Thanks Again and Enjoy =)

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  1. ...the film rides on the strength of Angelina Jolie's performance and she is, in a word, magnificent.

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  2. Loved this movie, and I'm a 46-year-old guy. Jolie really plays this role to the hilt, and the storytelling aspect was pure Disney greatness. I think this one's gonna be, if not already, a new Disney classic.