29 June 2014

5 Tips to Stay Cool at Walt Disney World

With the start of the Summer season here in Florida, it certainly has started as a hot one, low to mid 90's. I was told that most locals do not go to the theme parks during the oppressive heat of the summer because, when combining heat and humidity here in Orlando the heat index can be over 100 degrees. But, on the other hand you have paid a lot of money for your ticket and I feel that avoiding the parks is a waste of money. In order to get the best of both worlds - enjoying your WDW Summer vacay and staying cool, you have to come up with some tricks to keep your cool. People also tend to be a little less, shall we say, polite when it comes to long lines and crowds, so it's best to try and keep your cool. The parks are particularly crowded during the summer so expect everyone and their uncle to be there, yet another reason locals avoid the parks.

But here are some tips I find are the best to go and enjoy.
  1. Like when your running - Drink a lot the day before and while walking around - you don't feel dehydrated but you are.
  2. Freeze a bottle or 2 of water to take into the park - the frozen water will slowly melt and you will have a cool drink for a few hours.
  3. When you go into the quick-serves ask for a cup of ice. Use the ice to cool yourself down. Place some in a napkin and put on your forehead.
  4. Take frequent breaks in the A/C cooled shops and rides. Use this time to charge your phone too.
  5. If possible go to the parks in the later afternoon or evening hours (arrive at 3-5pm) to avoid the hottest part of day. The mornings are a great time to enjoy the cool resort pool.

One last thing - There seems to be a Magical "phenomenon" that seems to happen to me while I'm there. I feel so happy, excited, youthful and down right giddy (walking around so much so I forget to drink). This may be another reason I feel I can walk around for hours in the heat, but I pay for it the next day.
Thanks and Enjoy! 

Do you have a Summer "Stay Cool" Time TIP?

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