15 July 2014

Deal Alert: Staples Back-to-School Deals effective till - 7/19

It's hard to think about School shopping right now but, if you want to save some money check these deals out. 

From notebooks for 17 cents to backpacks for $29.99, Staples back-to-school deals, beginning on Sunday, July 13 through Saturday, July 19 offer tremendous savings opportunities for school essentials including:

In addition to the back-to school 110% Price Match Guarantee and the back-to-school Less List, Staples is continuing to offer great value every week through weekly deals. Customers can find information on weekly deals atwww.Staples.com/weeklyad. Staples Rewards® customers can also save by earning Staples Rewards on everything in the store and take advantage of free shipping on Staples.com.

$5 and Under
  • Skylander/Justice League composition notebooks ($3.00)
  • Fashion notebooks and composition books by Studio C, Gartner and Continental ($3.00)
  • Hello Kitty stapler ($3.74)
  • Kleenex facial tissues, 3/pack ($3.99)
  • Book covers, 2/pack ($3.99)
  • Elmer’s school glue sticks, 6+2/pack ($4.00)

$2 and Under
  • Monster High/Princess Ever After notebooks ($2.00)
  • Animal/Sports/Floral composition books ($1.50)
  • Teen Vogue wrapped pencils, 4/pack ($2.00)
  • SpongeBob/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1-subject notebook, 70 sheets ($2.00)
  • BIC Wite-Out correction fluid, 2/pack ($2.00)
  • Staples Remarx dry-erase markers, chisel tip, 6/pack ($2.00)

$1 and Under
  • Staples 1-subject notebook ($0.17)
  • Crayola assorted colored pencils, 12/pack ($0.97)
  • BIC mechanical pencils, 5/pack ($1.00)
  • Filler paper, 80 sheets ($1.76)
  • SpongeBob/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dual hole pencil sharpener ($0.99)
  • Teen Vogue lipstick eraser ($0.69)
  • Slider pencil case, assorted colors ($0.75)

Staples Back-to-School 110% Price Match Guarantee
Staples customers are guaranteed to pay the lowest price every time they shop, whether it’s in stores or online. Staples will price match items sold and shipped by Amazon.com or any retailer who sells products in both retail stores and online under the same brand. Customers will receive an additional 10% off the difference between the Staples price and the competitor price. The back-to-school 110% Price Match Guarantee is valid at the time of purchase in Staples stores and on Staples.com. 

Staples Back-to-School Less List
Staples is also helping parents find everything they need on their supply list for less this back-to-school season with the back-to-school Less List.  The back-to-school Less List includes iconic back-to-school products such as folders, notebooks and index cards that are low priced all season long to make it easy for families to save this year.

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