26 August 2014

2 Amazing Pops! Marvel's Dancing Groot & Howard the Duck

From Marvel's wildly popular Guardians of the Galaxy, we bring you Dancing Groot and Howard the Duck!

We know you've all been waiting to get your hands on a Dancing Groot Pop!
We are excited to be the first to present you with the opportunity to have the adorable extraterrestrial tree being!
Haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet?

Don't fret...
You can watch the delightful Dancing Groot scene right here!

Put on some music and get ready to dance with Groot!

Howard the Duck is also available for the first time from Funko!
He's free from The Collector's cages and looking to spread his wings!

Love Both of these. Need to add them to my collection.

Which is Your Favorite One? Howard OR Groot? 

Peace ~ Love and Joy =)

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