22 August 2014

FRIDAY's Edition of Mom's Beauty Beat - Featuring DOVE's Body Wash #Review


You have to try this product and here's why.

I'm a big Dove fan and I love Pistachios, so when I saw this in the store I had to try it. First, I judge on smell so before I bought it I opened the bottle to smell it, and it was intoxicating. SOLD!
If your shy about Pistachios don't be.

The combination of Pistachio and Magnolia in this body wash was amazing. The smell, the softness and my skin it really felt like a spa day.

The lather was creamy and thick. All you need is a little on your bath pouf to create a big amount of lather. It made my skin nice and smooth plus it was great for shaving my legs. NO other shave cream required, so you save money there.

I loved the light sweet smell of Pistachios and Magnolia flowers - they are perfect together.

When I find a product I love, I want to share it with other women so I hope you will try this product.

Let me know what you think of Dove's Body Wash - Pistachio Cream  and Magnolia. Retail about $5.50.  I hope they will make other products from this beautiful scent.

Thanks and Have A Great Day =)

Can Do It Mom ~ Diane 

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