20 October 2014

A Spectacular Night of Food and Sangria at The Alfond Inn and Hamilton's Kitchen

I recently went to an Eat, Meet and Tweet at a very special place. It was in Winter Park, Florida and I was amazed and delighted from the moment I walked in. First, the outside was so beautifully decorated and the courtyard with its tables and lights was so very beautiful. I just wanted to sit down and have a glass of wine with my friends. As I entered into The Alfond Inn where the gathering took place I was greeted by a warm staff and a beautiful Dining area. I couldn't wait to tell everyone how it  felt to be in such a beautifuly decorated place.

But now let me tell you about the some of the dishes we got to try that night. They had meatballs covered in marinara sauce, just delicious. The Sangria, which you know how much I love it, was perfectly made with combined fruit tastes and red wine, awesome.

The appetizer was Roasted Pumpkin soup with almond crème and pumpkin seed oil. I loved the pumpkin flavor which it had a lot of and on top was the best treat, caramelized pumpkin seeds. Next, was the Lobster~Shrimp Risotto with lobster bisque, baby kale and charred cherry tomatoes. These blended flavors were magic, I could not get enough of this dish.

As pretty as it was to look at the Salt Roasted Beets dish was amazing too. It had such great colors -- dark reds, yellow and orange pickled carrots along with house ricotta, local honey, mustard greens and more pumpkin seeds.

The stuffed Pork Tender Loin with savoy creamy cabbage, dried apricot, focaccia bread, mustard seed sauce was a merriment of great flavors, yum!
The Whole Pan Seared Trout had a chorizo potato hash, spinach and blood orange oil.  It had a light flakiness to it combined with the stuffing that made for a really great pairing, a taste I really enjoyed.
There was also Surf & Turf - Oxtail & Cod. The Cod came with a Parsnip Puree. The  Slow Braised Oxtail came with glazed rutabaga. On the side, there were Cheddar/Jalapeño biscuits, that just were delicious.

Plus Grilled Flat Bread -  truffle burrata mozzarella, tomatoes, prosciutto and baby arugula that also made a very tasty appetizer.

And last but not least, the favorite part of any meal. The Desserts.  They are my favorite and these were off the chart. 
Can you say dessert with 12 year old scotch in it? 
The Macallan 12 yr Butterscotch Pudding with chantilly cream, and sea salt chocolate toffee was to die for. I could taste the scotch and it made this dessert stand out compared to anything I've had before. I Truly loved it and then there was the pumpkin ice cream, very rich and with loads of real pumpkin in it. 

Plus a Brioche Bread pudding with fresh vanilla bean ice cream, Kentucky bourbon vanilla sauce.   

One thing, I especially liked was that the dishes were prepared with as many local ingredients from right here in Florida. We have so many locals farms and produce that when restaurants incorporate it into their menus it gives the foods such an incredible taste and flavor.

I can't thank them enough for inviting me and exposing me to my newest favorite spot. I loved the food and the people in Hamilton's Kitchen. I would highly recommend this place for a great day out for your family, not only for the food but just to walk around and see the beauty in The Alfond Inn. The outside is a great place to sit and enjoy your afternoon or evening, so very relaxing. The inside is beautiful with it's graceful ambience and there is lots of artwork to see.

These are items that will be on our new menu as we update it going into the season!

Dishes were presented by the brilliant Executive Chef Marc Kusche. He will be demonstrating this weekend (Oct. 24-26) at the Orlando Home Show

Disclosure - I was invited to try the food/wine and give my honest opinion/tweet about it. In no way did this influence anything I said. All opining are honest and true. Thanks again for stopping by. 

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