27 October 2014

D23 Fanniversary Hits Orlando Recap

"It's A Never Ending Celebration of Magic" 

It finally had come to town, the last stop was in Orlando and I had been looking forward to it for months. I'm talking of course about the Fantabulous, Fantastic and Fun D23's party of parties - The Fanniversary! What's important to know about it is that is for the FANS - that's where the name comes from. Lots to celebrate for the fans and Disney with this years Anniversaries which including movies, tv, rides, attractions, parks and characters.

This is my 3rd Fanniversary and the reason I go every year is all the cool Disney stuff we get to see and hear about. There are usually 2 people from California, sometimes a D23 cast member and also someone from the Archives that m/c the show. The crowd just loves it and the enthusiasm is loud.

This year there were a ton of Disney Anniversaries to celebrate.  We got to hear, see and learn about Disney history we didn't know about before and more important see ones that we loved too. I have listed many of them of them below. But one really important anniversary was about Donald Duck, plus a did you know?

Here you can see The Duckster and 1 of the hats used in Mary Poppins

80th - Donald Duck
Donald Duck had his own award too and it was called The Duckster. This award was given for those who went above and beyond. But who do you think was the first recipient of this award?
Answer - Walt Disney. He kept this award on his desk always, up until he died. We actually got to see it from the Archives. At the end of the show we could line up for pics and to see it close up.
I'm so looking forward to Destination D coming in November. We will have the opportunity to  revisit some of the most beloved Disney attractions of the past.  D23 will bring Disney archivists, Imagineers, Legends, and luminaries together to celebrate fan favorites.


25th - Disney's (MGM) Hollywood Studios

50th - Mary Poppins

70th - The 3 Caballeros
25th - The Little Mermaid
20th - The Lion King
15th - Star Wars Episode 1 - Phantom Menace
30th - Touchstone Pictures
60th - 20,000 League Under the Sea
30th - Disney Television Animation
20th - Gargoyles
20th - Aladdin Animated series
60th - Davy Crockett
55th - Darby O'Gill
45th - The Love Bug
55th - Sleeping Beauty
10th - The Incredibles (they are working on an Incredibles 2, yeah:)
25th - Typhoon Lagoon
25th -  Splash Mountain
15th -  Toy Story 2
85th - Silly Symphonies
50th - It's a Small World
20th - Tower Of Terror
45th - Haunted Mansion
35th - Big Thunder Mountain RR
65th - The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr.Toad
75th - Marvel Comics
5th - Modern Family

Thanks & Enjoy!

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