16 October 2014

Peterbrooke Chocolates ~ Have Lots Of Halloween Chocolates Treats

Peterbrooke Chocolates -  Located in the Heart of Winter Park, Florida this chocolate shop has become a favorite destination. There are many reasons to stop by here: the fudge, the chocolate covered raisins or popcorn, or a cup of gelato. I could go on and on but, there are some yummy sweets I must tell you about. I can definitely recommended the ones below because as I perused the chocolates in the store for at least 15 minutes it was hard not to take everything home. Plus, with Halloween right around the corner it was the perfect little place to go to for chocolates of all designs and tastes. I was very interested in getting some candy for my kids (and me too) that were Halloween inspired.

Here are some of my favorites ~

Milk Chocolate Oreos - According to the candy expert (my son) - These were one of his favorites  and I'm quoting here "really, really, really good".
I loved the Oreos too because an Oreo dipped and covered in milk chocolate is an Oreo 100x even better than before.

Milk Chili and Pistachio Bar - This chocolate bar has many sides to it, both nutty and spicy. Great chocolate flavor with a kick.

Sea Salt Bar - This one I can say I really loved because, the combo of salt and sweet is one of my favorites. Salt especially the thicker sea salt really brings out that chocolate flavor. And one more thing, is it's great with the dark chocolates too.

Milk Chocolate Popcorn - A delicious combo of sweet chocolate and salty popcorn. I loved the 2 tastes together. The chocolate was very rich and creamy. The saltiness and sweetness are a really great compliment to each other.

White Pretzel Twists -  These pretzel treats are quite delightful. I loved the combo of white chocolate and as it melted in your mouth you tasted that salty, crunchiness that made these pretzels a definite treat.

Malt Balls ~ These were the best I had ever tasted. Remember the ones from your childhood, chocolatey and crunchy. The ones at Peterbrooke were like that crunchy, rich chocolate flavor and big in size too. 

I thank you for stopping by and hope you have a very Happy Halloween. And a big thank you to Peterbrooke Chocolates for my basket. I loved it  =)

To find out more about these chocolate treats and many others click on the link HERE

Here's me getting my chocolate basket of goodies

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