18 November 2014

Lots of Pics! #Christmas Decorations At the Magic Kingdom


It's that time of the year again and all the holiday decorations are up at the Magic Kingdom including some new ones on Main Street U.S.A. What amazes me is that the ImaginEARS and crew put up these decorations in the middle of the night, when the Magic Kingdom is empty. I would love to be a mouse on the wall to see all the magic take place. The Magic Kingdom is magically transformed over night into this Holiday Extravaganza. I was impressed with the new decor and even though it's different from last year it still creates that special holiday chEAR.

Ok, Who remembers the garland going across Main Street USA when you first come into Magic Kingdom? It's a great memory!

Instead of going all the way across, the new decorations are attached to the buildings.  There are 5 sets of holiday arches directly over both sidewalks. They replace the over head garlands that used to hang across Main Street USA. They did this in order to accommodate the large parade floats in Festival of Fantasy parade. The Dragon in the parade is especially high and enormous so, it would probably take down everything in it's path. lol. One more really cool benefit too is the new holiday arches do provide a clear view of  Cinderella Castle. I think this is great during the day looking down Main Street and nothing is obstructing it but, at night with the fireworks going off and Frozen gang lighting up the castle it's amazing.

I love traditions and I think that's what keeps us coming back to Walt Disney World year after year. Now, we have added Christmas time as one of our holiday traditions to be celebrated at Magic Kingdom. After seeing all the decorations and getting the yummy chocolate gooey holiday themed apples is definitely another. Happy Holidays!

My top 5 best holiday decor locations: 

  • Main Street USA
  • Windows outside the Main Str. Confectionery  
  • Courtyard next to City Hall 
  • Entrance to Magic Kingdom in front of Train Station 
  • Right before Bag Check 
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What's your favorite Disney Decoration?

Cinderella Castle with Ice 
The Jingle Cruise 

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