18 December 2014

A Fantastic Trip Back Into Time - Titanic The Artifact Exhibition

Last night, I went to see Titanic - The Artifact Exhibition here in Orlando. It is located on International Drive where most of the fun stuff is outside of the theme parks. I wasn't expecting it to be what it was. From the outside it looks small but, do not be deceived it's a huge exhibit once inside. We took an hour and 15 minute tour from the beginning to end of the story of Titanic. How and when the ship was built to when the world found out she had sunk the day after the disaster. We got to touch an iceberg, see many actual pieces from the ocean floor that were recovered from the wreck as well as some recreations of things that were on Titanic. Just Amazing!

Our tour was given by Mr. Thomas Andrews the designer of the Titanic and what a tour he gave. It was fun, exciting, and very informative. He gave lots of actual facts and info about the ship and a great history about it's passengers. It was a very educational and eye opening tour as we learned about life aboard the Titanic for its 1st, 2nd and 3rd class passengers.

One thing I learned was that the 2 crew members in the lookout tower the night they hit the iceberg  were up there without binoculars because, the keys were locked away in England and not even on the ship. So they were trained to smell for ice - which I thought was strange how do you smell for ice? But, I found out ice was made of sulfur and that you can smell it a few miles away.  Wow, right? So they thought they would have time to get out of the way using this method.

Also, The Titanic had 4 smokestacks but, only 3 were actually real and worked. They thought it would look better with four.

It was also the first ship to have a pool, not very big about 6 ft deep and 18 feet long. The women could use it from 11am to 12 noon, giving the men the other 23 hours. No comment to that fact.

There were many nationalities represented on Titanic, therefore many different languages were spoken on board. This became a problem since many of them did not speak or read English which was critical for evacuation instructions.

The Grand Staircase was made of Gold and Oak - to make it look and feel spectacular. Which I think even the replica does. It was an amazing sight with light coming through the gigantic glass dome above. I also got to climb the stairs for a pic opp, can I just say wowza moment.

Ten course meals were served aboard, wow that's a lot of food. Can you imagine How long that took to eat?

Fact Time: DYK - Up until 5 years ago Carnival cruise ships were the same size as the Titanic Ship

And at the end of the tour we got to see an actual piece of the Titanic brought up from the ocean floor - Deck D - Starboard Side. It was so amazing to see such a piece of history. 

I had the most amazing time and can't wait to get my family back there to see it. The experience was unbelievable and so exciting. I have always loved learning more about the Titanic and going to these exhibits is fascinating. You learn so much and the kids will love it too with all the different artifacts - some are so big and very interesting. This walk through history is a great time to share moments and discoveries with your family. Thanks for stopping by!

I was invited to a blogger event at Titanic -The Artifact Exhibition. In no way did this influence my thoughts or opinions. Thanks.

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  1. Amazing exhibit, we were able to check it out when it was in Atlanta a couple years ago.

  2. Thanks Sean, It was truly amazing, glad you got to it too. ;-)