10 December 2014

Holiday Gift Alert - Frozen, Surprise Slides and Pictopia Games Review

Over the weekend my family and I sat down to do something we haven't done in a long while, play some board games. Yes some "old fashion" FAMILY FUN! With electronics banned, this night of fun would go uninterrupted, was exactly what I was thinking. What I really liked was we had all agreed to finally have some fun sitting around together time. I think all families could use it and what better way then to spend time playing some Disney/Frozen themed games. We chose Surprise Slides and Pictopia. Let me tell you more about the blast we had.

A Surprise filled race to the Ice Palace.  For ages 3 and up (2-4) players

When I first saw the outside of the box of Surprise Slides, I was thinking it looked like Chutes and Ladders the game we all played when we were little but, it actually wasn't like that at all. Combining Frozen's theme and characters, Surprise Slides was a ton of fun. In fact, get ready to slide Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff through Arendelle to see who can get to Elsa's Ice Palace first. Slide throughout the snow-covered forest, past snow monster Marshmallow and through the troll's secret glen. There are also some cool shortcuts that go forward or backwards, you never know what your gonna get.

Here's a little about the game and why this would be a great holiday gift for your kids.
One - It's really easy to play, the spinner moves easy. Two - The slides keeps you interested by doing many different things. When it's your turn depending on the color or picture on the spinner - you can go forward, backward or something else.  Three - There are 4 slides tiles, that move. You may have to mix them up, turn them over to change the direction you go in. If you land on a snowflake symbol you could also move in different directions. Pretty interesting, right?  I found the directions easy to follow and my family loved playing. It doesn't take long to play, making it great for kids and very interactive.


If I had to describe this game in one word it's Awesome! 
For ages 7 and up (2-4) players. 1,000 questions. 

As we answered the questions you advanced on the board and the first one to the castle wins. It was fun to see how much Disney trivia we knew and could remember. It was really exciting to answer trivia questions from classic Disney movies to TV shows currently on Disney Channel. The game includes answer dials used too select answers, they are shaped as Mickey's head which I loved! The game has a lot of different ways to select questions as you will see on the board, it depend on the number you rolled on the dice. This keeps the game very interesting for there are different situations to answering the trivia. Sometimes it was 1, 2, or 3 answers needed for a round. Or it could be just you answering instead of a group of players.

Pictopia stars the entire Disney gang. My family and I really enjoyed it because, it had all kinds of Disney questions. This picture-trivia game has so much trivia about Disney that it will amaze you and sometimes challenge you. You have to try and remember your Disney facts about movies and characters. I liked that you play together but, everyone answers the questions separately to score. The game moves pretty quickly which kept us focused and not bored. Take your time reading the directions, like I said, to understand all the rules.

The game says 7 and up but, I think younger ones will enjoy playing and could answer the questions, you could even do tag teams with this game.

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Thanks for stopping by and enjoy.

I was give these games to try and give my opinion on. In no way did this influence my thoughts - all opinions are honest and true. =) Happy Holidays! 

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