13 December 2014

Playing Disney Infinity with Awesome Nick Fury, Maleficent & Iron Fist

I just got some new DYNAMIC Disney Infinity characters to play with and they are an awesome addition to my collection. Playing these new characters: Nick Fury, Maleficent and Iron Fist was a lot of fun because; they each have such unique individual powers. They are fierce when it comes to fighting and I love the commentary they say as they are fighting and running around the ToyBox.

First, I wanted to play Nick Fury, he is without a doubt a strong character in the movies and I was expecting the same in this game.  I was not disappointed, he was so much fun and very cool to play. He's the same tough guy from the Avengers and like in the movie he has tactical SHIELD tech abilities for spying on crime. He also speaks the same way as in the movies and we are on the Helicarrier from Avengers movie. This game is funny too - the characters say such witty things based on their characters or in the movies they were in. Several characters including Nick Fury are voiced by the actors from the movies.
Nick Fury's super hero not only can slide, he jumps up high, hits the ground hard making a hole in it and damages any enemies nearby. He has a cool blaster, and as part of his moves he spins and kicks. He also can pick up objects and throw them. He said he needed a vacation and that Coulson speaks highly of Tahiti. LOL. 

“While I’m here I should check with our other agentsNick Fury  

Next, Maleficent was really cool villain to play, she unleashes her wicked powers and raven spies. The voice of Maleficent, sounds very mean and evil. She uses her magic which is represented by the color green and the green smoke goes out and creates a wave of powerful blows to her opponent. She can also glide across the floor to get where she needs quickly. But, I could only play her in the ToyBox.

What amusement can I conjure next?Maleficent

Iron Fist is a Marvel hero that, I was not to familiar with. He is without a doubt my new favorite Infinity character. He is a super hero with a lot of action, a definite must to any Infinity collection. He  creates explosions that come from his hand,very cool indeed. He can break the ground like Nick Fury, when jumping. And he can do a lot of damage when he hits you, a very powerful and awesome character to play. He has super charged martial arts skills for combat action. 

You will not soon forget the lesson I’m about to teach you, Feel My power." Iron Fist

So I could try playing all of these characters at once we played them in the ToyBox of Disney Infinity 2.0 game.  Seeing Maleficent fighting Nick Fury was so incredible and Iron Fist against Maleficent, that was a battle for sure.  As they say with Disney Infinity you have endless possibilities, you match up all kinds of combos.  Disney Infinity 2.0 is appropriate for all ages and will make a FANTASTIC Holiday gift for the whole family. I definitely recommend you add these 3 characters to your collection..

Disclosure - I received these Disney Infinity characters for a review. In no way did that influence my opinions or this post at all. Thank you. 

A Big Thanks to Toys "R" Us and for more info and to see a lot more Disney Infinity characters check out Toys "R" Us.com

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