11 December 2014

Star Wars Rebels Missions Game #Review

Star Wars - Rebels Missions Game
Race Against Time, Join the Rebels to Fight the Empire For ages 6 & up

Being a huge Star Wars fan I liked this game a lot. I played with my family - my son, daughter and hubby, each of us picking our favorite character from the game. And because we also love the new show Rebels, it was what attracted me to this game. All the characters (Ezra, Sabine, Kanan, Hera, Zeb) from the show have a card in the game and we loved playing as Rebels.  It took a little bit of playtime to understand the rules but, as we went on we understood more about what our mission was.  So Tip one, read the directions carefully. 

After you chose a Rebel character card - you then begin the race.  It’s a race to work together to complete the rebel missions. Each player rolls the dice to collect resource tokens that match edges on the card to solve the missions. Another tip - The symbols on the dice mean different things: you might role the Empire symbol and your turn is over, or you might pick up a few tiles, or you might get the Rebel symbol to play.  You pick your next move by only picking one of the dice you rolled, very interesting right?

There's one piece in the game that makes it all so awesome, The Imperial Timer. It is so cool but, not easy to understand at first. It plays music as you enter the codes from the mission place cards. Tip 3 - Sometimes they are decoys and it buzzes, you lose! But keep playing because, it became clear after pressing the buttons a few times this was what we were suppose to do (keep playing while the music is playing). The music would play loud, then slow down and after entering the code from each card, it was either good or decoys depending on the R2 beeps. I liked racing against the Imperial Timer because, it made it more exciting. The Imperial music played on and the timer ran down and the tempo increased, oh no.  Picture this, as we finally figure out we have to go faster before the timer ran out each of us racing through our turn and cards/dice flipping everywhere.

I loved the theme of this game, different than any other I have played! I liked solving the missions and working against the Empire. You need to solve them one by one to get the Four with a good code to complete the final mission (spoiler most codes are bad). We thought it was lots of fun and would be an awesome gift for that Star Wars fan in your life. We also loved that it was a team effort; we didn’t have to work against each other. We played for about an hour and didn't want to stop. This is one game I will go back to play over and over. My favorite part was how we all had to race against the timer and that was fun to watch. LOL!

Disclaimer : I was given this game to play and give a review. At no time did this influence my opinions in this post. Thanks!

Thanks for stopping by and a big thanks to Wonder Forge for the Game. 

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