26 December 2014

Visiting Christmas, Florida - Get A Special Holiday Postmark Here

I know there are many great places to visit in Florida, but visiting one I had heard about was on my Christmas list for sure. I know it may not seem like much but, I really like visiting places that are small town America and this does fit right in. This place called Christmas, Florida was a place I had heard about on the local news and it's because they do something sooo special at Christmastime.  It's all about those special touches, during the holidays that make it all worth it, am I right?

And here is the main reason I wanted to go there, it was to get a special Christmas postmark for my letters and packages. The postmark has the town's name on it making the letters very special indeed!  I had heard tons of letters and packages are sent from here just to get the Christmas postmark. Last year they handled over 300,000 pieces of mail from all over the world, just to get that postmark. It sounds like just the place Santa might live and work. Speaking of Santa, you can mail your letters to him from here also. 

There are many towns across America that have small town greatness, be sure and visit and see what they're all about. Discover something new and take the kids along, I did and they got to see a place very much into the Christmas Spirit. It made me feel like I was walking down Main Street U.S.A. =)

Thanks & I Hope you had A Very Merry Christmas.

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