10 February 2015

Disney-MGM Studios

Then and Now, First it's called MGM.
Now we must get used Hollywood Studios. For those of us crazed Disney fans it will always be MGM, that is what I always call it, it's a habit now.

Since it's opening on May 1st 1989, Walt Disney World's 3rd park would open up the grandeur of movie making to those young and old. The excitement of bringing a little Hollywood to the East Coast was something most could not resist. Not only bringing new thrill rides but putting an even bigger twist on the rides by basing some of them on TV/movies we all love, like The Twilight Zone. 

The new park would span across 135 acres and it's defining icon, The Sorcerer's Hat.

Then in January 2008 MGM, now changed to Disney Hollywood Studios.

I love looking at Mickey up there.

I would love to climb up there.

Check out the vintage postcard.

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