06 February 2015

Remembering the #ClearwaterBeach - Uncorked! Food and Wine Festival

One weekend a month my husband and I like to get out for some time alone without the kids. I know it sounds crazy who has the time with the weekends being as packed as the weekdays. If it happens we go if it doesn't well it's till the next month but, this one weekend we got invited to something and we had a good excuse to get out. The festival was called Clearwater Beach - Uncorked and it was a few hours of VIP treatment. Lots of great wine, beer and delicious food from local restaurants to try. Plus our free goodie bag included wine glasses, samples, coupons and recipes.

But let me tell you about a beautiful place called Clearwater Beach where it was held. Even on this cloudy cool day, the beach and the hotels are beautiful. We had it to ourselves mostly on this February day, still warm to us and here's why.

We love the beach and that's was one of our reason to moving here to Florida especially, on the Gulf Side. The beaches on the Gulf are beautiful and in the summer the water is like bath water - perfectly warm. One Beach in particular is our favorite and everyone else's too, the reasons are many and all true. The sand is white like sugar, soft too and the water is clear, tropical green color. The only complaint is yes parking is hard but, you won't leave because of it. The breezes are warm and surf is not rough, the shells are there to pick and the Dolphins are swimming off shore too. The name well it's Clearwater Beach and if you get the chance to go - do it you won't regret it. Also the it's home of Winter the Dolphin at Clearwater Marine Aquiruim, not to far away from the beach.

I want to thank Visit St. Pete and Clearwater for having us - we had a blast... Till next year. And thanks as always for stopping by - if you have visited the Clearwater Beach what did you think?

This festival is a yearly event, get your tickets early they sell out because, it's only one weekend Feb. 7 & 8 - 2015. 
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