15 March 2015

#Cinderella and Frozen Fever - Movie Review

To just say I thought Cinderella was good would be an understatement. I recently had the pleasure of going to a early screening from Disney Studios to see the Live Action Cinderella. I was thinking of the cartoon Disney classic released in 1950 and that it might just be a live remake of it; but I was wrong.  This movie had a story all it's own. Yes, it followed the same basic outline of Cinderella, there was tragedy in her life, a wicked stepmother and step sisters and that classic fairytale ending but it had so much more. Not to give to much away, I do want to tell you how much I loved it. This version was so beautifully written, acted, directed and most of all had that gorgeous blue ball gown. I loved how Cinderella was a very strong heroine, she was never gonna give up. Her mother who was also strong, we actually get to see and know. At the beginning of the movie she told Ella to Have Courage and Be Kind. These heart felt words became the strength and knowledge for how she lived her life. She was sweet and kind and yet was treated most unfairly but remained so courageous and kind throughout her life. I didn't find the step sisters as mean as in the cartoon which was surprising but the stepmother made up for it. Her cat Lucifer was also in the movie and yes chased Ella's mice friends. One noticeable change was Cinderella's BFF from the cartoon Jaq turned to Jacqueline in this version.

I loved this version's of the Fairy Godmother played by Helena Bonham Carter. This fairy godmother was a little dizzy but is very caring and sweet. When she changed the pumpkin into the golden carriage, which by the way was the most beautiful thing I have seen, she did it in a very humorous and forgetful way. She asked Cinderella if she had a variety of veggies and started rambling them of one at a time (tomato, watermelon, kumquat  tangelo). Finally Cinderella says we have pumpkins. It was so funny a scene and really added to the sweet and generous nature of these characters.

I really enjoyed the whole theme of the movie Have Courage and Be Kind, for she spreads her mother's message throughout the film. Cinderella tells the Prince about it as he was hunting and he is entranced by her and her message of peacefulness. She tries to live it in a house where her parents lived and loved her and now she deals with such dislike for herself and her home. She's even sweet to Lucifer. I think my favorite scene and it's hard to pick one but, it has to be the Ball room scene. This is where they see each other again and they dance. It truly is one of the most romantic movies and in this scene you can truly see them falling in love. I just couldn't look away from how beautiful they looked the Prince in his royal attire and her in that sparkly, bright blue flowing gown. I loved how close the Prince and The King were too. At first the king insisted as the ruler of the kingdom that the Prince should marry a Princess but, then he had a change of heart. He wanted to be a good father instead of a ruler to his son and I think that was such powerful message, to support your kids no matter what, even if you are king. To see this transition in the movie was incredible, the feelings between both of them as you could feel how loving and tight they were. In today's world I think we could use a little more of this.

I just can't say enough of how much I loved this move and it's theme. Go and see it; you will love it. It's great for kids, nothing bad, just some sad parts. It does have some sadness but that is what made the ending so grand. The ending was great to tie up the whole movie - it surprised me and I was happy because I wasn't sure she was getting the happy ending we all remember.

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It's a short shown right before Cinderella and it's so funny. All the characters are in it - Anna, Elsa, Sven, Olaf, Kristoff, Oaken, Marshmallow and even Prince Hans, the part with him is so funny (BTW). But for a twist on Frozen, the story goes like this. It's Anna's birthday and Elsa wants it to be perfect in every way. She wants to make it up to her all those past birthday years of ignoring her when she was outside her door. But as usual it starts to unravel, as you knew it would in a most humorous loving way. The trouble really starts when we see that Elsa, has a cold, yes a cold and when she sneezes she makes tiny little snow men, who Olaf called cousins. There were 100's of cousins running around, it was hysterical. It's a great short story, with more insight to these lovable characters. Olaf is so funny and true to his character with lines that he can only say. They are funny to us, but very serious to him. I love the new green dresses they both wear, just beautiful - something I would want in my closet. Anna and Elsa's dresses are perfect to get the feel of this movie going they have a spring design with flowers and sparkle all over them, kinda like Cinderella's blue dress.

Both are spectacular films and perfect together! 

A big thanks to Walt Disney Studios for inviting me. All opinions are my own and never influenced by anyone. Thank you for stopping by!!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this movie. The production is very well done and it's easy to get swept up in the emotions and the charm. This is one of those movies that just get better after repeated viewings. The moment after Cinderella no longer "believes" through the end of the ballroom scenes are sheer joy. Fantastic, lush, wonderful and heartfelt.