19 March 2015

#EPCOTS Flower and Garden Festival Close Up Pics

The 22nd EPCOT flower and garden festival is in full swing and this year's theme of "Farm to Table" will teach us all to get out and garden some more. Don't worry about the size of the garden, it could a small indoor herb garden to a big back yard of veggies just waiting to be picked. Lots of ideas are at the festival to help you.

So without further ado - I share some of the highlights with you. Here are some pics for you to see up close and talk about your favorite topiary and food items.

With 11 Outdoor Food/Drink kitchens to choose from and 10 new speciality gardens including the all time "spiciness" - The Pepper Garden to rocking and rolling at the Garden Rocks concerts, how could you not love this festival?

For the #DisneyKids the fun never ends at the Desert Road Rally with Mater and Lighting McQueen but, wait there's more a most monstrous play garden featuring Mike and Sulley, and don't forget one of my favorites the rope climbing.

I loved all of the topiaries. It's one of my favorite things to admire and look at but, if I had to pick a fave it would be Chip and Dale! Okay that's 2 but, they really are one - their always together. LOL.

It was so funny, I didn't see him right away but, he had the best spot in all of Epcot. COOL and COMFY right under the elephant topiary.

  The details in the Topiaries are Ah-mazing.

Thanks for joining me today -
 Flowers, Peace and Love to you!

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