04 March 2015

Inside #Disney's Wilderness Lodge - A Resort to Explore and Discover

The Wilderness Lodge has more to offer than just fancy rooms, it has the warmth and charm of a log cabin hideaway and is one of my favorite resorts at Walt Disney World. Think of this resort as being tucked away somewhere in the Northeast U.S. in one of our National Parks but, you don't have to go that far to enjoy it. With it's great amenities and rustic charm this homey resort has many modern elegance's too. What I mean is, as you enter this resort the lobby immediately draws your attention to it's gigantic cavern feeling. As you stop and glance around the massive lobby there are 55ft. totems poles, bear pictures, wooden animal sculptures, and lots of other American Indian artifacts through out the lobby. The ceiling is so high, about 8 stories looking up and as your glancing that way you see the four tepee chandeliers, just breathtaking. You can climb the stairs and journey through the many hidden nooks and crannies of this resort, it's kind of an adventure really. You will find many fireplaces, rocking chairs, and plenty of places to sit and read. Imagine a space where you can sit and stare or read and daydream without ever leaving. When you are finished exploring check the back of the lobby there is a beautiful bridge going over a bubbling spring. Take a seat and enjoy the view outside on the deck and see the forest greenery, hear the roaring water in a Grand Canyon setting while relaxing outside enjoying nature.

 Here's a peek inside the Disney Vacation Club Villas at Wilderness Lodge


Your room gives the same feel, lots of green colors and Bambi pillows. That rustic feel
has moved into your room with all the modern conveniences in them. We stayed in a Disney Vacation Club 1 bedroom villa that sleeps 4 people. We had a full kitchen to cook all our meals. They provide the pots/pans and all the kitchen ware - so you just bring the food and drink. I love also having the washer/dryer to dry our clothes from the pool/hot tub or if we stay longer bring less clothes in suitcase because you can do washes here.

As with any vacation, the place you stay makes it even more special and that's what I wanted to share with you. If you have watched the above video you already got a taste of how magnificent this room is. If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments below.

BTW - WL has great places to eat either sit down or quick serve.

There's great BBQ at the Whispering Canyon Cafe located in the lobby, makes dinner seem like you're at the OK Corral on a Saturday night, lol - fun for the whole family. Ask for some ketchup.

Top 5 Must Do's at The Wilderness Lodge
  1. Check out the new children's splash area 
  2. Behind the pool is Fire Rock Geyser - erupts hourly 7am - 10pm
  3. See the Electric Water Pageant parade at 9:35pm behind the pool or on beach area
  4. Explore the upstairs, take one of the many staircases up and see where it goes
  5. Sit in front of the Giant 82 ft. Fireplace in the lobby - also look for a Hidden Mickey

Thanks and Have A Magical Day!!

What's Your Favorite Wilderness Lodge Must Do? 

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