24 April 2015

The Orlando Eye Lights Up International Drive

All Lit Up
We had an excellent time at the lighting of the eye, It was bright, beautiful and tremendously tall after waiting months for it to finish being build was amazing. The lighting of all those little lights was even more spectacular. I hope you enjoy the pics of it. And a thanks to Merlin Entertainments for inviting us and all its employees, and their friends and family, to experience the lighting of the 400-foot observation wheel so we could bring it all to you!

 – The Orlando Eye reaches a luminous construction milestone with the installation of the observation wheel’s special lighting. The Orlando Eye will officially light up for the first time on the evening of Thursday, April 16 at a special event for employees, friends and family for Merlin Entertainments, the attraction operator.

Almost 64,000 LEDs were installed over a four-week process. The LED lights will use 92.7% less energy than traditional light bulbs. The Eye will offer a variety of lighting options to celebrate holidays and other special occasions. 

A Make-A-Wish family has been chosen to have the honor of flipping the switch to power on more than 64,000 LED bulbs which will illuminate the structure in bright white.

Fun Facts:

·      The Orlando Eye has LEDs which uses 92.7% less energy that traditional light bulbs

·      The Orlando Eye has 2,652 individual fittings, which in turn each fit 24 LEDs, giving a total number of 64,000 LED on the wheel

·      The lighting system uses an RGB system to provide for a large variety of color options to fit any special occasion or holiday

·      In the future, The Eye, which has a white exterior, will have a rainbow of color effects to choose from with the newly installed LEDs.

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