27 April 2015

Which Eats? - Right for the Picking - Fresh From the Flower and Garden

With the theme of "Fresh Epcot" there is so much to pick from. I was recently there and was ready for the challenge. You ask what challenge - hoping I could try and see everything in one day. I could not, but that is why it runs until May 17th, just enough days and nights to get all of the sampling in. One particular dish I wanted to try was the Kale Salad at Urban Farm Eats - outdoor kitchen, that is what they are called, very catchy I think since they are yes outside and cooking up the grub. It was tangy and had a light balsamic dressing. I really liked the crunchy almonds with the kale, sweet and tangy. Tossed right in front of you this dish is light and tasty, with a good portion for you to enjoy. Another big tip - definitely try the Cucumber, Lemon Spa Water (there) with fresh mint it was our surprise hit of the day.

At first I wasn't going to order it but, then I was like sounds refreshing and it was. The cool combo of mint, lemon and cucumber was great and when I finished my cup of spa water, I added more from the bottle I already had in my backpack. More spa water!

My only complaint about this next outdoor kitchen stop was the portion was bit small. I'm a bit of a hot dog fan so I was expecting the whole dog, I got about a third, so a little disappointing there. The taste however was delicious and yummy. What is it you ask? The Pineapple Dog of course and it's at the Pineapple Promenade. Yes, it's very Hawaiian and sunny just thinking about this place, so I was anxious to see how the food would be compared. This dog was spicy with a lot of pineapple chutney to give it that balance of sweet with spicy, totally edible for every foodie. I also washed it down with a very pretty drink I saw someone else carrying and found out it was called a frozen Desert Violet Lemonade, non-alcoholic. This drink was pretty to look at, as it was lavender color and had an edible flower on top, a Violet that tasted like - lettuce. The drink was as sweet as lemonade. I also loved the cool and refreshing - very sweet tasting Pineapple soft-serve which reminded me of its famous cousin the Dole Whip, enough said there. Get one; its sweet pineapple flavor was awesome!

If you like BBQ head over to The SmokeHouse by the American Adventure.

Two big likes over there are the Pulled Pig Slider with coleslaw but I skipped the coleslaw that comes with it - too pickled for me, I like it more with mayo. The pulled pork sandwich itself was just right, great BBQ flavor, slow cooked and there was plenty to satisfy any appetite. Another absolute favorite you need to try and get 2 or 3 of is the Beef Brisket Burnt Ends Hash with White Cheddar Fondue and Pickled JalapeƱos, it was outstanding. I loved everything about this except the jalapeƱos - I skipped them. The combining tastes of the cheddar cheese with the brisket made it taste amazing and the hash potatoes were the best steak and potato combo, I've had in a long time. Again not enough in this bowl -> get 2.

And now onto the beer at the Smokehouse. I got the beer flight because I love trying new beers and having them all together seemed liked a great idea. We are beer connoisseurs in our house, beer snobs really so it's pretty important to us to try new local breweries which is really what the flower and garden is all about. They feature local produce and businesses like some of the craft breweries right here in Florida. Opinions may vary, lol!!

Floridian Hefewizen - Liked - A very nice unfiltered beer with big citrus taste.  I really wanted more!

Category 3 IPA- Liked - Great flavor on an amazingly hop forward beer.

Maple Bacon Stout - Weird combo of flavors, the bacon taste was present but light. Didn't seem bad but not something I would order again it was extremely sweet.

Billy's Chilies - No words! It was very spicy not normal for a beer, didn't like the way it burned my mouth. Enough said.

I'm glad I tried but, I might skip it next time. The Piggyliciuos Bacon Cupcake with maple frosting and pretzel crunch, it was okay but the bacon/saltiness flavor was to much and the sweet factor was pretty high up there. If you like far too sweet and a lot of bacon in a cake this may be for you, I would never finish it, even with other people helping.

At the Japanese Pavilion visit Hanami for of course Frushi, a fan favorite. The combo of fruit including pineapple, strawberry and melon rolled up like sushi with raspberry coconut rice sprinkled with toasted coconut and whipped cream was a very interesting combo, that tasted a bit weird together but it worked. It's the sweet rice taste with fruit, that makes it so sweet and refreshing.

Also best sushi in town, get some while you're there.

In France of course, I was told about one of their best beverages but, it was actually a frozen pop called the Ice Pop and it was the best thing I've drank or slurped in a while. It really hit the spot on a hot day and it was a combination of Grand Marnier, Peach Raspberry Vodka and Ice Tea. What a combo, talk about great times! This was pretty good size pop and lasted a while around world showcase. I enjoyed this concoction immensely.  And to eat I tried the Gnocchi Parisian a la Provencal, it was good with lots of veggies mixed with a creamy sauce on it but very different from the Italian Gnocchi I am used too.

And that wraps up this review!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you get a chance to visit the Flower and Garden Festival and try some of these delicious foods and drinks.

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