04 May 2015

New Video/Pics - Marvel SuperHero Store at Downtown Disney

After entering the store all I can say is WOW, I was Amazed by all the Magnificent Marvel Stuff.

The LOCATION -- Between D-Street and Candy Cauldron at Downtown Disney

It's the answer to your Marvel prayers. We have been waiting a long time for a place to buy our favorite Marvel tv and movie merchandise. After watching the video hopefully you get a sense of all the stuff they have in such a Heroic space.

Let's make The Ultra Ultron List
 T-Shirts, pins, vinylmations, stickers, books, posters, toys, legos, costumes, key chains, magnets, Pez, I-Phone cases. I was even extremely happy but, surprised to see Spiderman stuff.

Bottom Line bring lots of money and check out the Villains Wall Too!

5 ReCap Points!

  1. Get Great Avengers and Shield Merchandise 
  2. Go In Front of the Green Screen and become your favorite Marvel Super Hero
  3. Feel Like you're at SHIELD Headquarters 
  4. Learn about your favorite Marvel Heroes
  5. Be Part of SHEILD - Get a Sticker for your car 

Thanks and Be Well!

Who's Your Favorite Marvel SuperHero?

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