29 June 2015

Minnie Tips Monday ~ Hollywood Studios Summer Tip!!

Where the tips are definitely not mini, lol.
Stay Cool Tip!

STOP - LOOK Right!! A stop right inside of Hollywood Studios gets your trip to the movies off to exciting start!

Right after you scan your ticket or magic band - look right and you will see this COOL place. Get a ice cold drink or a small snack - Quick, Easy and Done!

Why I recommend this place well the theory is most people walk right by it and don't realize it's even there. You know how excited you are when you scan your magic band. Where is the first place you run too either your fast pass or Tower of Terror/Rock N Roller Coaster area.

But take a look at the Pic Above - no one is there! How many times do you see that at Walt Disney World?

This place has little or no wait for a drink. And you know in Florida it's hot, might as well take advantage of this Tip!

 See ya later Mouse Fans!!

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