26 June 2015

Ted 2 Review - Hilarious!

Yes! Ted is back and at his funniest. I got a chance to see the movie early and it was great. The humor of this second film is even better than the first. Without giving away too much, Ted is back with all his pals and the movie's theme is surrounded by the rights of all individuals. Ted wants to be like everyone else and in his own way follows a hysterical path to happiness.  He gets married, and surprisingly wants to have a family. You ask how? Well that you will have to check out in the movie.

This is not a movie for kids for sure or for people that like politically correct films, people offended by the use of marijuana, cursing or sexual dialogue. It is however for everyone who wants to laugh for 2 hours. It's very funny but far from PG-13. After seeing the first Ted, I wondered where else they could go with him but once again I was impressed with how a talking teddy bear can relate to things going on in the world today. By using humor and a lot of off-kilter jokes these serious issues are discussed. The cause for #LegalizeTed even goes to court, do all self aware individuals have equal right to live free? That is the question. Don't read to much into it - remember it is a made up story and there to make you laugh.

I went with my husband and of course he loved it, this is a true guy movie but, I think you know that lol. His first comment after the film was "My inner teenage boy is still in hysterics". But no one should shy away from this movie - bottom line is I highly recommend it. Yes, I'm a girl and no I was not offended, I was surprised how much I liked it. The characters are people you can relate to and I think that's the big appeal to Ted and his pot smoking, partying  friends. We all love his easy going, speaks his mind and extremely loyal characteristics of Ted.  Once the DVD comes out the blooper reel of this movie just has to be incredible, I can't imagine how they managed to keep a straight face in this film. 

Also ~

There is a very long list of cameos of big name stars in this film like: Liam Neeson, Tom Brady and Jay Leno to name a few, each is funnier than the last.  For a film that manages to discuss a serious issue in possibly the funniest way imaginable be sure to check out Ted 2. Enjoy the pics from the movie. :-)

Yes that's Tom Brady

Thanks and Enjoy!!

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  1. I honestly thought this wasn't going to be as funny as the first one. I was wrong. Ted 2 is absolutely hilarious. I love the dirty humor and it actually has a good plot that drives the story forward. Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane are at their best. Definitely watch this one. However it is in appropriate for children.