07 August 2015

LEGOLAND Florida Resort Becomes First Theme Park to Have Official Currency

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This is very cool and if your kids are big fans of getting some theme park cash, then this is pretty awesome. I'd like to collect some for my collection defintely. Info and locations are below.

Exclusive Partnership with Travelex Allows Floridians to Buy
LEGOLAND® Dollars for Use at LEGOLAND Florida Resort

LEGOLAND Florida Resort has entered into an exclusive partnership with Travelex, the world’s leading independent foreign exchange business, to list the resort’s official currency, LEGOLAND® Dollars, on Travelex’s currency exchange boards at 55 participating Travelex locations, including six in Florida.
This partnership represents the first theme park to have an official currency listed on a currency exchange board. The LEGOLAND Dollar will be available for purchase at a 1:1 exchange rate to the US Dollar, with a minimum exchange of $5 USD. LEGOLAND Dollars will only be available for purchase with US Dollars. LEGOLAND Dollars can be purchased through select Travelex locations for the summer 2015 season.
With a $50 USD purchase, guests will receive $50 in LEGOLAND Dollars, plus an additional $39.25 in added value, including free parking, an upgrade to the LEGOLAND Water Park and an order of the resort’s famous Granny’s Apple Fries. LEGOLAND Dollars can be spent at any of the park’s restaurants, concessions, retail stores and more.

Florida residents can purchase at the following six Travelex locations:

§  Travelex Boca Raton (6000 Glades Road, Boca Raton)
§  Travelex Americas (100 Terminal Drive Fort Lauderdale)
§  Travelex Orlando (15657 South Apopka Vineland Road, Orlando)
§  Travelex Palm Beach (1000 Palm Beach Int’l Airport, #103, W. Palm Beach)
§  Travelex Fort Myers (11000 Terminal Access Rd. Fort Myers)
§  Travelex Tampa (4100 George J Bean Pkwy, Main Terminal, Level 3, Tampa)
LEGOLAND Dollars will also be available at Travelex locations in Atlanta, Dallas, DC, Houston, New York and Philadelphia. For a full list of locations, visit www.travelex.com/legoland.
“Everything at LEGOLAND Florida Resort is created for kids, including the currency.  By using LEGOLAND Dollars with a playful design, it builds on the immersive experience for young guests.  Although we accept U.S. currency, only LEGOLAND Dollars will get you an additional $39.25 in added value,” said Adrian Jones, General Manager, LEGOLAND Florida Resort.
“We’re pleased to add the LEGOLAND dollar to our extensive range of currencies this summer. Of course, LEGOLAND Florida Resort comes as highly recommended by my two sons, ages 4 and 8, but we're also happy to offer additional value and benefits to our customers through this partnership”, said Christopher McShane, Head of Retail, Travelex.
For more information or to book a trip visit www.legolandflorida.com.

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