21 September 2015

Chip ’n’ Dale Rescue Rangers With Real Chipmunks | Oh My Disney So Cute!!

Here's the Original One 

Remember -- Oh My Disney's much-beloved DuckTales Theme Song with Real Ducks, it was so cute that now we have another video with real chipmunks. The Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers is a classic so why not have it feature real chipmunks. And to kick off this year's #DisneyThrowback Week, we thought it only fitting to remake the Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers theme song with you guessed it, real chipmunks. Check out the cuteness above!

One of the greatest gifts the late 80s and early 90s gave us was the TV show Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers and its incredibly catchy theme song. Nothing compared to watching two tiny chipmunk gumshoes solve crimes with all their friends. It was hysterical as only Chip and Dale can be. I loved it. 

It will Deliver heaps of nostalgia and joy, for years to come as only Disney memories can. 

Enjoy and Thanks :-) 

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