13 September 2015

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Info with my favorite show #TheChew

Lots of Important info for the Upcoming 20th Food and Wine Festival. 
My take and a whole lot more!

I know I have said many times that living here in Florida and being a Disney/Food/Family Blogger,
has it's perks but maybe I could be wrong. Just kidding (lol) folks I love living here because, I get to go to the food and wine every year, like I always wanted to. Some years we would fly down and get a week max but, now it's like a dream come true. I have always loved this festival not only because of the great food and wine and the fact you get to enjoy it for weeks but the friends. We get to hang out and meet up with so many of our friends who come to visit Walt Disney World at this special time. I know there are many reasons to come to food and wine but below I have listed a bunch more. Don't forget to include your's in the comments below. As with last year's, it's longer and something new was added, keep reading to find out what.

From September 25 through November 16, guests can journey through more than 30 global marketplaces, and for the first time, 4 new food and beverage locations will be extended into Future World. Awesome!! Throughout Epcot, individual kiosks are set up, representing cuisine from around the world. The festival also features the Eat to the Beat concert series, highlighting popular singers and bands from the 80s and 90s like Rick Springfield, Tiffany, Hanson, Starship, Boyz to Men and many more. There is no extra fee to attend these concerts.

Also, You know I'm a Big Fan of their's and the show.

ABC's "The Chew" is scheduled to broadcast from the festival from Oct. 7 through 9. The Chew will be featured in two themed marketplaces located at the new Next Eats area of Future World. One new marketplace is called the Sustainable Chew Marketplace, where guests can try three dishes inspired by the co-hosts. Another marketplace in Future World at Next Eats will feature the Chew Lab, where Disney chefs are collaborating with "The Chew." The cast will also host a new premium event, the Rockin' Burger Block Party, which will feature specialty burgers and sliders inspired by top names in the music industry. The show will be broadcast during the 12-16 of October on ABC. 

I know that's amazing. I hope you will be there to enjoy some of the best food and drink around. Bring lots of money - you will need it the drinks/dishes are good but a bit pricey. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!

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