25 September 2015

Minnie Mouse Style Icon - Model Georgia May Jagger and her "Minnie Muse"

Today, I want to share with you a little about my love for fashion as well as Disney.  When we combine a fashion icon with one of today's most beautiful models, the style is one of a kind. Here are some pics from that collaboration. Hope you enjoy them. Also check out the new instagram account with lots more pics. 

Disney teamed up with model and photographer Georgia May Jagger for a very special photo exhibit at London Fashion Week – Minnie: Style Icon. It included photos, props and artifacts, tracing Minnie’s major fashion moments from the 1930s through today.


Some photos from the exhibit and the viewing party last weekend – including Georgia May Jagger and Minnie Mouse herself.

And of course, everyone can follow Minnie’s style adventures at the new Instagram inspired by the famous muse: http://instagram.com/MinnieStyle

Thanks and Enjoy! I love the style that Minnie brings to everyone, her style is timeless!!

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