14 September 2015

The Force Is Strong! Disney Infinity 3.0 #Review of Anakin, Yoda, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka Figures

What's great about the new Disney Infinity Game 3.0 is it brings Star Wars to the already awesome line up! It starts with the Clone Wars and continues right into this years Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens (with upcoming playlets). When you can combine a game that includes all of your favorite characters from Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars - it has mind blowing possibilities for playtime. This game is worth every penny when your able to change and create endless games within the game.

I'm loving the new Disney Infinity 3.0 game. Not only have I and my whole family been fans since the very beginning but, now another dream comes true. I though when they released 2.0 and the Marvel figures were available to play that, that was very exciting. But I guess I always new they couldn't stop there. Yes Star Wars fans we are, practically since we were born, lol. But, seriously when I saw the trailer for 3.0 and the Star Wars universe was coming to Infinity I was like - OMG! So here we are playing with the new 3.0 and the 2 figures it comes with are Anakin Skywaker and Ahsoka Tano.

They are unbelievable characters on their own and their powers in the game are Amazing. Let's start with Ahsoka, Oh by the way the voices from The Clones Wars cartoon are the same actors, making this game so much more enjoyable! Here's what Ahsoka can do - not only is she very powerful with dual lightsabers, she is a very defensive player. Complimenting her is Anakin and he is very aggressive in his moves with one lightsaber. He can also use The Force in battle, making him very powerful and able to draw his enemies toward him. After watching Clone Wars and playing him in this game it's almost a shame he turns bad after being so good, lol!! I mean right?

Yoda: is strong and very fun to play. He has acrobatic moves and uses the Force along with his lightsaber to battle. His fighting style reminds me of the scene where he is battling Darth Sidious in the Senate Chamber.

Obi Wan Kenobi: He is skilled with his lightsaber but its WAY more fun to Force throw your enemies into walls or each other with this character.  The voice of James Arnold Taylor makes you feel like you are right in the middle of an episode of the Clone Wars or maybe at Star Wars Weekends!

Twilight of the Republic Power Disc pack contains more ways to have fun and play. Your adventures become endless making this game so worth the money.

With these discs you can Streak across the galaxy in General Grievous' Wheel Bike, have a galactic team-up with Mace Windu, decorate your toy box with colorful skies of Felucia or transfer your world into the vibrant forests. And that just the beginning to what your imagination can bring you. So much to choose from and I need more time to play!!

I think my favorite character to play so far is Ahsoka, she's fun and strong.

Twilight of the Republic figures and game cover - Episodes 1-3,  Rise against the Empire covers Episodes 4-6 and finally The Force Awakens play sets. I'm excited to say the players can use vehicles from the iconic moments in the classic films.

The really amazing thing is that's just the beginning!  You can add playsets from Inside Out, there is a Marvel Toy Box Take Over Game piece that puts you in a new adventure and more are on the way! You also have the Infinite possibilities of the Toy Box. Want to have Ashoka go on an adventure with Elsa from Frozen?  No problem create a world or download one of the amazing fan creations and off they go to battle the forces of Evil.  Want to see who would win in an all out brawl between the Hulk and Ralph? Set it up and see. The limit is really your imagination which makes this game amazing for kids and adults alike.  Watch out for more Disney Infinity 3.0 updates right here!

~Thanks and Enjoy, See Ya Later Infinity Fans!

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