16 October 2015

#FashionFriday Tips w/ A Little Disney Style!

I love visiting Disney Springs and one of the best shops there is TREN-D. It's got the latest fashion picks in clothes, bags and jewelry. For busy moms this is the place to be. I have found many beautiful and trendy outfits and I get a Disney Passholder discount of 10% too. Who doesn't want a discount every time they shop? I also love that I can get fashion with or without some of the Disney characters on them. If you haven't checked out this boutique - get there soon, the fashions change rapidly and you don't want to miss any. The pic below has a sweater that I love, it goes with anything and is light enough to wear in the Florida heat. Keep in mind as you travel to Florida, that the days are still warm and the nights are cooler. It's pretty much summer all year round here in Florida but, during the fall/winter months it's definitely cooler to add dimension to your wardrobe.

Bags are a big part of your style and Tren-D has so many sizes, colors and designer ones to choose from. Love this neutral blue and black Minnie Mouse embossed line of bags.

Night or day - work or play!!

Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces and Sunglasses can complete your trendy look and tell the world who your favorite character might be but, also that you are beautiful, fun and smart!! You know where to shop and get glamorous fashion while saving too. Bows are very big here and they are fun and sassy for those who dare to show their inner princess. A completed going out look is easy and simple with lots of these beautiful and unique pieces. They definitely have quite a big selection - so choose a few, to complete all your looks.  And don't forget your sunglasses with UV protection which these have, you need it here in Florida, again very strong sun!! Lol

Please comment below on which piece is your Fave?

Thanks and Enjoy your Weekend! #CanDoItMom ;)

Tren-D is located at Disney Springs - Near Once Upon a Toy.

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