17 October 2015

Give Kids The World Village unveils new Towne Hall #GKTW

I'm pleased to give you info on a very exciting event that took place here in Central Florida. Lots of pics too. Please feel free to pass this on to everyone....

This week a brand new addition was opened to the already fabulous Give Kids the World property, Towne Hall. Towne Hall was built to answer the need for expanded dining space for our families. It also brings all of our restaurants under one roof and it gives us the opportunity to offer entertainment inside when we have inclement weather.In keeping with the joyous and child- friendly feel both in artuctecture and feel through out the 79 acre village, the 2-story building is covered in vibrant, rainbow colors reflect Towne Hall's fun design an decade coated theme. It brings all the restaurants in one place, the new food court was dubbed Cafe Clayton. 

Give Kids The World Village celebrated the dedication of the new Towne Hall building on October 15, 2015. The long-awaited two-story building brought all of the Villages restaurant in one convenient place, allowed entertainment inside in case of inclement weather and brought most of the administrative staff together under one roof.

Total square feet: 53,000
Designed by:
C.T. Hsu & Associates and built by Welbro Building Corporation.

Lower Level: 
A new dining area called Café Clayton. It includes Nancy’s Kitchen, operated by Perkins Restaurant & Bakery;  Katie’s Kitchen, run by Boston Market; and Mama Merry’s Pizzeria, a Papa John’s franchise operated by the Village itself
The Hoppening Place, a 5,900-square foot entertainment venue, complete with stage and high-tech audio-visual system. It can accommodate 893 people.

Upper Level: 
Give Kids The World Village administrative offices and meeting rooms
Three meeting rooms have been adopted by corporate partners Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Parks & Resorts Orlando. Each partner themed a room to reflect its company. 

The west side of Towne Hall also connects to a newly renovated Gingerbread House, a longtime Village icon. The Gingerbread House previously served as the kitchen and dining hall of the Village. With the opening of Café Clayton, it will be used exclusively for dining. 

By the numbers: 

36000 Concrete blocks
1.25 million pounds of concrete
4 miles of pipe and hoses
3 miles of rebar
12,000 carpet tiles
10,000 individual led lights
5000 pounds of stainless steel

66,874 individual peppermint candies (in the tabletops in the dining hall)

GKTW is a wonderful place that truly is amazing both in seeing it and what they do for families. So here's a little about GKTW in case you didn't know what they do.

Give Kids the World Village is a nonprofit organization located in Kissimmee where children with life-threatening illnesses and their families are provided weeklong, cost-free vacations complete with accommodations in fully-furnished villas when they arrive to experience the Orlando theme parks. The Village and its community partners provide transportation, tickets to theme parks, meals, daily entertainment and more. Since 1986, more than 140,000 children and families from all 50 states and 75 countries have had their dreams fulfilled in a storybook Village unlike any other place on earth.

Have a great week!! Thanks for your support!! 

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