10 December 2015

5 Great Toys! #WonderForge Has Some Cool Toys This Holiday Season

With the #Holidays almost here and time is growing short to get that fun and perfect gift for the kids, I have some great suggestions to help. I've teamed up with Wonder Forge to tell you about some really cool games. Wonder Forge is a company that makes awesome toys that offer quality experiences for you and your family. They have the same "Can Do It" spirit that I have always had - hence the name of this Blog. The toys are engaging the children physically, socially and creatively, creating a lot of fun and family time. I have worked with them before and absolutely love their products and I hope you will give them a try for your holiday gifts giving.

No matter if you are a Disney fan as I am or a Star Wars fan too, these toys will combine those loves and more. 

Make family game time epic with the Star Wars Pictopia Trivia Game, exclusively at Target! Prove whether you are a Padawan or Jedi Master when your knowledge of Star Wars is tested with 1,000 questions on the iconic planets, ships, villains, and heroes from a galaxy far, far away. This amazing game builds teamwork and will challenge your knowledge on all 6 movies. Sometimes you’ll work together and other times you'll answer alone. How much you risk to win the game depends on how well you know your Star Wars trivia! Some of the questions are hard if you don't remember the movies but, it's so fun to test your knowledge. Feel the Force questions add an exciting twist by revealing how much you sense about the other players, because the question asks you to guess about another players do and don'ts. This game is on the top of my list, it's one we will play over and over. 

Good Dinosaur Roarin' River Board Game is fun and exciting. It's a great game that teaches everyone to work together as you need to get past the rapids rushing toward you. It's a unique game in that either everybody wins or everybody loses, so no one feels bad. The board is 3 feet long making it easy for a group to play, it spreads across the whole table. It's great for young kids too, easy and not competitive. I loved the movie so this game makes it even more fun to play with those cute characters.

Strategy and suspense collide in the exciting Star Wars Star Destroyer Strike Game. With the new Star Wars movie coming out soon, I wanted to get a game with that in mind. This game is fun, intriguing and you will need to use your wit to win. It has a Star Destroyer in it that blasts lasers and makes evil Empire sounds trying to eliminate the Resistance. You have to get your heroes to safety (you pick one of the stars of the movie - Finn, Rey, Poe or Chewie) before the starship of the First Order gets you. You have set of 4 heroes markers for each person and only one has to make it to win. You try to stay out of the way of the Dark Side and outwit your other players, it's fun and fast moving but not easy. It's an amazing game that we really liked. 

These 2 next books are called The Disney IMAGICADEMY activity books. I love them because, they are tons of fun to do, the activities in the book have my favorite Disney characters making it even more exciting. 

First, The Frozen characters are teaching about Science.  Elsa, Olaf, Anna and Kristoff are all in the book as you explore world of science. Kids can do puzzles and fun activities and discover things, like how we see Rainbows. It's 60 pages of entertainment. One of my favorite pages is - What Makes A Shadow? This book ask questions that are interesting and kids get to discover things they perhaps always wondered about but didn't know!

Next, Mickey and all his Pals (Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy) teach us all about Animals in this book. These creative activities are so kids can explore and learn about animals, insects and more. 
In these 60 pages you learn about animal conservation, how animals adapt to their surroundings plus lots more. One of my favorite pages from this book is - Safari Adventure, learn about the animals and the savanna they live on. 

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Hoping you have a great Holiday Season and let me know what's your favorite gift above? 

I want to thank Wonder Forge for the toys to try and review, and in no way did that influence anything in this post.

Thanks again and Enjoy! :-) 

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