08 December 2015

Holiday "Soaps" #Review ~ A Great Homemade Gift For The Holidays!

Right at The Top of My Gift Buying List:
The Florida Soap Company

I love Soap! - And from the moment I walked into The Florida Soap Company's shop, oh the smells! I imagined the beauty of my own private spa is how I felt when I was walking around and that is how it looked too. I mean yes I love soap but, it has to be good soap. I find that it's not often you find a great selection and really good smells/colors that are made naturally. That is what I look for, not soap with a bunch of additives or chemicals, that are harsh or synthetic - I want the real stuff. I don't want something that smells like an ugly bar of soap, lol - I want something that smells girly, fruity or sexy. And for the man in my life same thing - well not girly but manly -- outdoor, musk, woody, leather smelling stuff that only a man could wear. Maybe even some tobacco smelling soap and well that's what he got. Not overbearing like sweet tobacco.

So in this beautiful shop at Artegon Marketplace (International Drive, Orlando) - I got 2 soaps, one for her and one for him. Mine was called Red Clover and his Tobacco Road, two of their most popular soaps. They both smelled awesome. The Red Clover smells like sweet roses, but it's made with clover. I loved how it's smell lingered on my skin. Tobacco Road is made with the tobacco flower. It was extremely hard to pick out just one though and that's why I will be going back for more. The choices were many and the shop smelled divine, but one did stand out when I saw it...

Monkey Farts - made of Bananas, Berries, and Almonds. It smelled really goods, so don't let the name scare ya!

Gifts Ideas
For Holiday Presents it's the place for sure. I will tell you another thing that I really loved is it's locally made by a company right here in Florida. I'm a big supporter of local shops and businesses - I love the grass roots dedication to their products and making them right. No middle man or advertising like with big brands.

Pricing & Products

Soaps $8 
Sugar Scrubs $10
Face Care $12-20
Bath Salts $9

Bath Bombs  $20- Small 3 oz, 6 pack Variety Pack, they pick 6 amazing bath bomb scents from the HUGE selection they currently have. The scents always vary. This means 2 FREE bombs! 6 for the price of 4!

I had the pleasure of visiting recently, check out the store in my Periscope below! Thanks.

Here's What Really Makes Them So Special and 
why you should try them!

  • Wash with the Highest Quality Natural Products that Mother Nature has to Offer. Ingredients that the Sunshine has made grow. All Natural Ingredients, Vegan Ingredients, Cruelty Free Ingredients, Moisturizing Ingredients.
  • Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Sulphate Free.....JUNK FREE!!!
  • Lather with rich and creamy Coconut Oil in the place of harsh Surfactants. Moisturizing instead of drying
  • Cold processed soap that has never been heated to preserve the natural properties of the ingredients. 

Charity and helping others is a huge part of Florida Soap Company. We try to make the world a better place one act of kindness at a time. Enjoy the love put into these Bars

I enjoyed shopping and meeting the owner, Misty she has a great store and wonderful products. I know with a lot out there, you are probably asking why I should try another soap, lotion, bath bomb, scrubs, etc. well it's the quality and service that really sells it. 

You can check out more The Florida Soap Company

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

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