10 December 2015

Want More Holiday Ideas? from LUSH/Handmade Cosmetics

You know how much I love this company and it's products. They have a great selection, the store always smells great and the names of the products are so cool! If you have never been go in and see for yourself, the staff is very nice and helpful and I just love to try things in there. Bath and Body products are my fave so I got a few last time I was there at the store in the Florida Mall. They have very unique holiday themed products and I purchased some. I got Santa's Lip Scrub and Santa Baby Lip Tint both are red in color and make your lips ready for the holidays. The lip scrub is homemade and I really love that. Some of the ingredients it has are cherries, dates and cola to make it oh so sweet tasting. I love the smooth and silky feeling it gives my lips after I use it. The lip tint has no taste just leaves you lips a littler red than you started.

Another thing I love is their Charity Pots (see pic above), I bought one to support The Bunny Alliance because well I have one and I love bunnies. I don't want any more animal testing done by any company anymore. Go to their website to learn more about their cause - its to end the transport of animals to laboratories.  I wanted to let you know there are many causes Lush supports with donations, so check them out too. Tis' the season for giving :-)

Thanks for stopping by and if you need more Holidays Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers ideas too, stop by again and again. All of these products in this post would be great for any gift occasion. 

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