11 January 2016

The "Minions" Are Back!! Review with Some Devilish Spoilers

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First thing I want to tell you is this movie was a winner with me and my kids - funny, cute and lovable. 

Back are the little yellow characters you know from Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, but with one difference - 2 Tell Their Story!

This movie screams adorable and a lot of stupidity, but I thought the story had a lot of funny Minions Moments. You know the ones where they cause havoc and you laugh hysterically!!! The main one was their absolute desire to find an Evil Master.
We also find out the minions have been here since the dawn of time. I mean back when the dinosaurs were here, LOL! It was told in a very quirky and playful way; where we find out a lot about them in this movie. It's kind of a prequel to say the least - the movie starts out with the minions doing their evil henchmen duties. And throughout the movie they continue to mess-up and this resulted in killing almost all of their evil bosses they have worked for. To name a few Napoleon and a giant Yeti.

I hope I haven't given to much away but, the movie has so many great moments. This one part of the movie I especially loved and will just say this, the Minions finally make it to Sandra Bullock's (Scarlett Overkill) character at "Villain Con" which I thought was hysterical, :-}. 

Just imagine going to a Villain Con and meeting all your favorite villains. In truth they were there to find a new boss they had heard about and her name was Scarlet Overkill. She's a funny and not to scary villain, just enough so the kids will laugh and enjoy. I loved how the 3 Minions went on a quest to help the other minions who were dying of boredom and lack of purpose. You come to know them as Kevin, Bob and Stuart - It was amazing how they worked together and had no clue what the hell they were doing and still had one goal, find an Evil Boss. You will get when you see it.

The last part of movie was my favorite, you get to see how they meet Gru and defeat the very evil Scarlett Overkill. This was really funny and very touching, the whole audience reacted outloud and clapped at the end of the film. Hope you enjoyed the review, let me know what you think. Yay or Nay on the movie! But Still one thing never changes,

 Minions RULE! 
Thanks and Enjoy!! 

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