20 March 2016

#DisneyCrossyRoad ~ Teaser Trailer ~ An All-new take on the Endless Adventure to Cross the Road w/ Splatting

I love the square look on Mickey, this game looks funny and will be very entertaining for sure  - The chicken always went Splat. right. But this time let's get Mickey across in this fun new game. Can't see him getting splatted across the road.  Can't wait to play! Stay Tuned for more details....

Disney Crossy Road Comes To Mobile -- SO Move over Chicken, there are new road crossers in town! LOL 

GDC, Disney and Hipster Whale announced that Disney Crossy Road is coming soon to mobile devices. The new game, which is based on the original Crossy Road game from Hipster Whale that has been downloaded more than 120 million times to date, will take players on an 8-bit endless adventure with more than 100 of their favorite Disney and Pixar characters. Disney Crossy Road lets players hop through nine different Disney and Pixar-themed worlds, each with their own unique 8-bit music. 

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Thanks and Have Fun!

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