17 March 2016

#Orlando LONGEST COASTER - Lots of Pics and Video of Final Piece Of Mako's Giant track

Big Moves are finally complete at SeaWorld Orl. They have finally installed the final piece of Mako’s nearly mile-long steel track. This completes the footprint of what will be Orlando’s Longest, Fastest and Tallest Coaster... This will be one major stop on everyone's thrill list.. It won't be long before the other theme parks here in Central Florida try to out do this incredible coaster called mako.

Mako Fact! The 12,500-pound, final piece of track was topped with a waving American flag as it was lifted high in the air by a giant crane, and then bolted into place by workers.  The moment finished off a track that is 4,760 feet of pure thrill.

When Mako – a true hypercoaster – opens this summer, it will top 200 feet high and reach speeds of 73 mph. Riders will feel weightless as they reach the top of each hill.  

 more pics below

Coaster Fact: This January, SeaWorld topped off the highest point of the coaster, with a crest that reaches 200 feet in the air.

For more Mako info, SeaWorldOrlando.com #NothingFaster.


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