15 April 2016

More Fun Than the Bare Necessities!! #JungleBook Movie Review

The Jungle Book Live action movie was incredible. I loved how this favorite Disney Classic came alive and brought so many cherished memories back to me. I always loved the Jungle Book because, Mowgli had the coolest friends and experiences -  so I had  high hopes for this new version. I thought the casting of  the characters was right on point! The voices were not to different than I expected them to be. The cast includes Bill Murray (“Baloo”), Sir Ben Kingsley (“Bagheera”), Lupita Nyong’o (“Raksha”), Scarlett Johansson (“Kaa”),Idris Elba (“Shere Khan”), Christopher Walken (“King Louie”), Giancarlo Esposito (“Akela”) and Neel Sethi who plays Mowgli. BTW, The actor who plays Mowgli was amazing, he transformed right into the character and I truly loved watching him on screen. 

This film is a little different than the animated 1967 classic; where that one was a big musical and this one doesn't have much singing or dancing with the infamous joyous banter. But, the new one is still very exciting along with some scary moments and big action. This Jungle Book is PG not G like the original, that's not to say kids are not going to like it or shouldn't go. One particular mention, is that the action is intense in some scenes with Shere Khan - he is a much more devilsh villain. I do not recommend this film for small children as I said some of the scenes are fierce.The CGI is fantastic - you can't tell what's real and whats CGI's over an actor in a green suit! All in all, I loved it and highly recommend this action packed movie. The relationships are filled with so much emotions. The love is truly sweet for Mowgli and his family stops at nothing to protect him. I love that family bond and it shows in this movie. I do wish Kaa was in the film a bit longer and the elephants sang while marching.

Movie Notes!  The scenery in this movie is truly beautiful with the lush green jungle as a constant background, really makes for a part in telling the story. It's about 2 hours long and has you laughing, crying and routing on Mowgli. Can't we all just get along? lol! So go see it and enjoy this delightful movie with your family. My favorite part was Mowgli and Baloo (Bill Murray), they are so cool singing the Bare Necessities because isn't that what life should be about? Floating down the river on your best friend and singing about just doing the stuff that makes you happy. :-) 

The Jungle Book Is now in Playing!!

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