12 April 2016

My Review of the Latest Mobile App - #TheJungleBook: Mowglis Run

 I really enjoyed playing! Mowgli's Run through the jungle is not easy. It definitely took me a bunch of times to get used to the game. You need to collect honey drops while running and not getting killed. I thought the App had stunning color and backgrounds. I had a lot of fun by running through every environment in the jungle.  But, beware you have to move Mowgli fast from left to right collecting all that honey before he crashes into something, LOL. This game is addicting, I do love a challenge.

  • Don't forget to unlocked bonuses that included downloading a movie poster and concept art from the film. Check it out for yourself on iTunes. 

  • Disney Interactive announced players can bring the thrill of Disney’s new live-action film The Jungle Book to life in the fast-paced parkour style runner, The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Run, now avail. for mobile devices

In the game, players can also enjoy clips from the live-action film before its release on April 15.

  • Players will use swipe and tap controls to run as Mowgli through stunning jungle environments inspired by the film while sliding under low branches and leaping from tree to tree. 
  • Collect honey drops, and unlock power-ups to go faster and farther, all while dodging Shere Khan, King Louie, Kaa and other dangers.

The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Run is available now for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. 
Have Fun!!!

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