08 June 2016

Have Fun Playing Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from #Zootopia

Making Memories that will be more fun than you can imagine is what it's all about. And playing inside the Disneyland 60 Toybox in Disney Infinity game is just that. After playing for a while it was so hard to stop, the options are endless and the fun that you have with this game is enormous. I Know I have said it before but, play it once and you will see. With the release of the movie on DVD this week check this out too...

In the Toybox we are playing the brand new characters from #Zootopia
Nicke Wilde. His moves are slick! - Like throwing giant ice pops at things, swinging them to hit things and then he double jumps and slams down with the ice cream pops too. He does a spin attack with the ice cream pop, sliding and jumping real high. + he does a 4 legged run.

Judy Hopps powers range from moving fast. She also lunges forward real fast, salutes, has super fast bunny kicks + slide kicks.

In this area it's amazing you can run around and find all the incredible things you would see at a Disney Parks. Space Mountain, Matterhorn Attraction, Big Thunder Mountain (imagine sliding along the rails on it), Cinderella's Castle, It's a Small World Attraction and of course going around it in the mote is a Disney Cruise Ship - could be the Magic, Fantasy, Wonder or Dream - you decide in your imagination..
Amazing Game Disney Details

Pressing the Infinity Buttons you find all throughout the ToyBox - The UP House, and lots of balloons oh my.

The Fireworks which include Mickey - Jack Skellington, snowflakes from Frozen, smile face, rebel symbol, stars, empire symbol, magic band symbol, disney infinity symbol.

Peter Pan appears and Nick Wilde can now fly.

See the hitch hiking ghosts appears in front of the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland California. So cool you can also have fun by picking them up and throwing them, they don't do anything but it's fun.

In the courtyards - See Duffy the Bear dressed in his Barber shop quartet best.  And The Yeti you can throw him too.

The backgrounds in this game are amazing it's like walking around Main Street U.S.A. or walking through a scene in Tron at Flynn's Arcade. Seeing the attractions in Disney Parks, the layout is amazing and looks so real. It gives me such a smile on my face playing this game. Seeing the characters and places like one of my favorite spots at the Magic Kingdom where you can try and pull out the sword from stone.

See the Partners Statue too - Drive the Main Street Electric parade vehicle or hop on and ride the Mary Poppins carousel horse or a tea cup while playing a merry unbirthday to you.  Also available to ride - the car from Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Toads Car, The Caterpillar Ride from Alice in Wonderland, a car from Autopia, the tram car, but the coolest is the splash mountain flume log which when Nick gets in it to ride it turns the ground to water under the log. Just amazing stuff around the Toy Box.

Add more fun with the Power Discs - The Zootopia Power Pack include Nick becoming Officer Wilde, Judy changes into her Meter Maid costume, see the different zones in Zootopia like Seeing the stars over Sahara Square and decorate it to resemble the landscape of Sahara Square.

Big Thanks to Disney Infinity for sending me the figures and discs to review - In no way did anything influence my opinion at any time. :-) 

TY Friends!


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