08 June 2016

Loved It!! Bridge of Spies Movie #FathersDayGift

This in my opinion would make a fabulous Father's Day Gift. Now available on DVD. Read all about it on the Can Do It Mom Blog.

I found this movie to be many things - not only an exciting spy thriller but, a movie that goes right to the heart. The character played by Tom Hanks (Jim Donovan) is only an accomplished insurance lawyer but in a strange "twist of fate" he gets pulled into one of the most important decisions of his life. To stand up for what he believes in or crack under the pressure of hate. Hate does many things and sometimes it clouds the real issues. In this film one of them being does a Russian spy get a fair trail or not? After all, isn't this what our country represents the seeking out of what is fair and just? And as we find out later in the movie Jim Donovan starts to admire his courage, loyalty and humor of this man and forget about that he is just a spy, he's a person. What I really loved is that he never caves to the pressure, he takes a case no one wanted and somehow he makes a friend out of it. He had awesome negotiation skills and that's what gets him into a situation that I don't think most of us would even try. And still to be tested more after the trail, Jim is then asked by the CIA to negotiate for one of our guys who got shot down over Russia doing a reconnaissance mission. Could it get anymore stressful and challenging? The amount of courage Jim had too have had, no choices really when it came to these situations. A real nail bitter of a movie and based on TRUE EVENTS. American History folks. 

I loved the strong characters and the performances by Tome Hanks and Mark Rylance as the Russian spy Rudolf Abel they were amazing. Even though they came from such difference world's a bond and admiration for each other could still form. This movie has so much history in it and even though it is before my time I do remember the stories I heard about the Cold War and the hate between the two countries. This movie takes place circa 1957 and the movie clearly shows the time with NYC and Berlin as the back round for the plot. It was amazing the cars, buildings and even the subway was portrayed 60 years ago. Hope you enjoyed the review..

In case you missed the trailer, I included here . I love watching them even after I see the movie.



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