23 November 2016

I Could See This Disney Movie 100 Times - Discover #Moana - #MovieReview

Disney's newest movie #Moana is one of the best movies to come out this year!

The characters: lovable, brave and very funny! They are what make this movie a hit!! Oh and the Songs are ones you will be singing forever in the car, the shower, even at work. 

I loved everything about this movie, as I'm sure you know when something this phenomenal comes around you need to tell everyone to see it! With beautiful backdrops, like that of Hawaii - Imagine the pristine blue water and palm trees swaying with lots of humorous moments mixed in. Moana has a little bit of everything to make you smile. 😎

I will tell you guys some of the my favorite scenes enough to get you in there but, not enough to give the whole movie away, after all you want to be surprised - Right? Family is central to telling this story and that part I loved because, nothing is more motivating that family. And for a movie that takes place about 2,000 years ago - a joke about tweeting was one of my faves. That joke was for today's generation and made the whole theatre laugh loudly. Plus a sidekick like no other, an "insane" rainbow chicken called Hei, Hei but the his name sounds like No-No, you will get it when you see the movie, LOL! No he doesn't talk but, you know what he was doing or not doing.

Yes the chicken was nuts but, he fit perfectly into this lovable story about a girl who goes on an adventure to save her people and her home. After meeting Moana, she is beautifully played by Auli’i Cravalho, you start to see she is beautiful inside and out. The story of Moana is a about a girl who loves the ocean and is called to it. Her people you find out their paradise has it's secrets and that leads to making a hard decision for her. For young Moana the daughter of the village chief she decides after seeing the only option is to fight for the people she loves is to go out into the world to find someone who can help. Her search is for the Demi-god Maui, he is the only one who can help in this crisis but, no one know's where he is and that's where the adventure/laughter begins.

Moana becomes a hero through perseverance and bravery that I think most would have looked away from. But being a hero is not easy and often people hesitate but, Moana found strength and love from her grandmother and that was all it took. I loved how sweet and daring she is and her friendship with the Demi-god Maui starts off rocky but, then they become a non-stopable team. A life lesson for all of us to take from this movies message is "we cannot do things alone we can only succeed together. " Maui is perfectly played with humor and understanding by the awesome Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. No one could have played this part more humorously and full of himself. LOL!

This movie made me laugh, the whole audience was laughing so much, the humor was perfect for kids, adults and critics alike. All the characters we amazing - the commitment to seeing this mission through, keep me routing for them till the end. I will say the ending is happy and I want to see it again!

The soundtrack is amazing!!! The songs are very catchy you will be singing them after the movie all day long. "You're Welcome" is my favorite sung by Dwayne Johnson. Oh and stay for the end there is a very cute end scene. I also thought the villainous and funny 50 foot giant crab, Tamatoa was very funny and witty - and he loved shiny things and collected all of them, wonder who that sounds like (LOL)?  He loved to sing about his collection of stuff Under the Sea and he kinda reminded me of Ursula just not as scary. Then, there were the coconut pirates and they were awesome. Funny, very cute and scary all at the same time. If I could describe the moment you see coconuts dressed as pirates with swords and chasing our heroes trying to kill them - priceless.

Please go see this movie, you will love and have so much fun!! Thanks again to Disney for inviting me.

thanks and enjoy!!!

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