25 November 2016

Need A Fun #Holiday Gift Idea? Star Wars ~ Eye Found It! Game

The Hidden Picture Game that blasts you off to the Star Wars Galaxy

Disclosure: I was given a copy of the game to review. All opinions are my own :-) 

My gift guide this year includes another awesome game from Wonder Forge. My family and I love playing board games. It gives us that break from work, school and our phones that we really need. And right in time for the holidays Wonder Forge has some of the best games to play. Into their games they combine fun family entertainment with some of our favorite movies and characters and this game was one of the funnest. It's challenging enough not to be boring and always kept us thinking of our favorite movies - Star Wars. The game was not hard at all and is good for younger children, because it keeps your interest, you are constantly looking for things. Very much like I spy!  Players have to look and look for the Star Wars objects and with 13 different boards you can play this game over and over.
 pics of the game 


Each player pick one of the 13 boards which are based on the planets from one of the Star Wars movies, now you roll and try to find what's on the Transmission Placards from R2-D2. These cards tell you which characters or objects you are looking for on your planet. You also get to choose from flying 4 Starships - like the Millennium Falcon or X-Wing. As you fly from location to location your main objective is to find R2-D2, he is lost somewhere in the galaxy and you earn points by following the hologram transmissions cards, the player with the most points wins when R2-D2 is found.

You have to look, sometimes over and over there is so much detail in each planet panel that you see things from each movie and get very excited.  Some of my favorite boards include the Death Star, Jakku, Hoth and Tatoonie. I highly recommend this game for every Star Wars Fan. Happy Holidays!

Thanks and Enjoy! 
Find it at Target for $19.99

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