20 December 2016

#AHolidayGift4You - Getting Cash Back from #EBATES

I Love using Ebates and I would love to tell you why. Since I was not aware of EBates before a few months ago and had no idea the potential you could earn, I thought I would share this with others who probably don't know about it either. Sign up is simple and easy and then once installed on your computer as soon as you click on a site EBates just pops up. 

Earning #Extra cash just for shopping, what a great idea, RIGHT?  I am so glad I discovered it through Influenster because I now earn extra cash just from buying things on-line. I signed up a few weeks ago and I have already earned over $80.00. It so easy download Ebates onto your computer and it automatically pops up when you go on the store's website and it tells you the percent you get back based on the total purchase. So with Macy's for example I get 6% cash back, amazing right. Most of the stores (Kohl's, Petsmart, Best Buy, Snap fish, JC Penney and many more)  I shop from are included in the list of stores that work with Ebates. 

Give it a try, I definitely wish I had earlier.  I could have been making so much money back. It makes sense to get paid some cash when you already are spending money on the things you love to buy. Another Ebates bonus is sometimes it has double the percentage for certain stores plus coupons too. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread people. This money comes in handy especially around holiday time because it's like getting free money for just shopping.
I love using it.

Thanks and Enjoy!! 

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