30 March 2017

#TheBabyBoss Movie Review ~ Puppies are Our Mortal Enemies LOL!

Puppies Are Winning and Babies are Losing: Read on To Find Out WHY?

I guess the one tell tale sign you liked a movie is when it's over and you and everyone around you says - "I would love to see that again." It was also the fact the entire audience mostly kids were smiling, but their parents were smiling too and clapping when it was over. As with a lot of movies I see, the one thing that really sets apart a good movie from a bad one, is the story! I really loved the The Baby Boss for many reasons but one in particular I love Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin stars as the baby boss and with his comedic talents, it made for one of the funniest and most interesting stories this year. Imagine an adult in a baby's body running the household. As in most kid movies this one has jokes which caused uncontrollable laughter and a story that had a lot of twists and turns. All these elements made The Baby Boss one of the best films I've seen this year. Alec Baldwin is joined along with Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy Kimmel as the parents and they were awesome choices too.

So a little about the plot not to give anything away, I do want you to go see the movie.

Well it is all about the first line in this post - Babies vs. Puppies. You see that's the crisis the baby boss is tasked to solve. There's not enough love to go around for both, funny right.

The humor in this story was one of it main features but, it was how Alec Baldwin portrayed this baby with adult humor is what you need to see. Both kids and adults laughed at the jokes because, sibling rivalry can be funny from their point of view. I loved how uncomfortable topics like (where babies come from) was covered through a child's/baby's imagination. This movie is from a kids point of view, so using their imagination and how they see the world - was so much more fun for me as a parent.

When the older brother finally discovers that the baby could talk this was one joke I really loved - he says "Get me a double espresso and see if there's place with decent sushi - I could kill for a spicy tuna roll!" A baby saying this - we were hysterical.  This movie is great for the whole family to see. It has so many great parent moments. Another big LOL moment - was when the babies are all together at a play date, The Baby Boss is holding the meeting to discuss his mission and to solve the baby crisis with the puppies. The babies are all assembled around the coffee table, talking and having a baby meeting. One of the babies is taking notes but, she can't read the notes when asked to. One gives the warning parents are coming and they all drop to the floor and roll around.  After all, they're really  having a serious meeting to discuss baby problems, but they still wanted the parents to think they are babies. The older brother is trying so hard to out The Baby Boss and this just adds to the parent humor.

Now back to those cute puppies. How were puppies taking over the love and attention that babies were getting all these years? It might have something to do with our bad guy in the movie played by Steve Buscemi. The bad guy invents a puppy that will last forever. Imagine a dog that will never grow-up and always be a puppy. Cool idea I thought.

This movie brings out the kid in all of us and the jokes for the adults were on point. Puppies are our mortal enemies, declares The Baby Boss - LOL!!

Thanks to DreamWorks Animation Studio for having me.  I was invited to see The Baby Boss screening, this post and all opinions are my own. Thanks again everyone!!



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