26 April 2017

Brand New ~ #Cars3 - Official US Trailer/PICS from the movie and Some Driving Thoughts too!!

Driving Thoughts!! 

The Cars movies have brought so many laughs to the big screen that - I am (can't wait)   looking forward to the release of Cars 3 in U.S. theaters June 16! With some returning faves and unfamiliar faces joining the race it should make for a very interesting thriller. It also Sounds like the race is gonna get a whole lot more crowded with new racer (Jackson Storm). Imagine Him beating Lightning McQueen it's not gonna be pretty but, the comeback should be Pixar Epic!  But this old dog car should not be counted out if I know him - he will and can learn new tricks to come back to win!! Oh and Tow Mater just love him, he is so funny glad TO SEE HIM IN THE CLIP TOO! 

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Thanks and Enjoy the movie 😀💟😆⇧

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