17 April 2017

"Distracted" Video from Disneynature's #BorninChina - OPENS This Friday 4/21 #MoviePics

BORN IN CHINA Opens This Friday 4/21!  rated G for everyone :-)  

Please enjoy the above adorable video of BORN IN CHINA's narrator John Krasinski freaking out over the adorable baby animals in the film and yes they are adorable. 

 I also wanted to tell you about something very special and being an animal lover myself I am pleased to announce -- During the opening week (April 21-27, 2017) of seeing this true life adventure, a donation to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will be made.
 Disneynature, via the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, will make a contribution to the WWF to help protect wild pandas and snow leopards in China. 😇

 Disneynature on Facebook: Facebook.com/Disneynature

 Disneynature on Twitter: Twitter.com/Disneynature

 Disneynature on Tumbler: http://disneynature.tumblr.com/

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Visit the official BORN IN CHINA website: http://nature.disney.com/born-in-china

Everyone get out and see this cute movie and help out too!!

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