20 October 2017

Hysterical Video, Real Sloths at the DMV Presented by Zootopia IRL | Oh My Disney

Happy International Sloth Day (today, Oct. 20)! Read on DisFans!! 

And to celebrate (Oh My Disney) released a video honoring the adorable, slow-moving mammals for their popular “Disney IRL” series, which brings beloved Disney characters to the real world in unexpected ways. In the latest episode inspired by Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Oscar®-winning feature Zootopia, hidden cameras capture the priceless reactions of DMV-goers, shocked to find real-life sloths working behind the counter.

 Remember This, LOL!! 

We all know the DMV can move at a snail’s pace. But what if it moved at a sloth’s pace? Unsuspecting visitors to the DMV were surprised to find that this was actually the case when customers were treated to a scene ripped straight from Zootopia, with real-life sloths stationed at computers and snapping driver’s license photos. 
Thanks and Enjoy!! 🌟🌟💤


  1. I have never seen actual sloths I just read an article on pimpmypaper.com that was covering this little creatures thanks for such an insightful post diane

  2. Well I guess Sloths do work behind the counters after all. Great step by Disney to promote Zootopia. The visitors of DMV would've been left in a really surprised state upon seeing the sloths.

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